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For Assessing, Tracking, & Managing Training Programs for Your Organization

AGS Training Assessment & Management Tool 

To increase the success of your training analysis, tracking, program development, and implementation, it is essential that you apply a structured process that provides you with a holistic view of your training audience, training strategy, and overall training roadmap. 

Increase the user experience for trainees by assessing and understanding your training audience, as well as tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your training program.

Get quick and fast insights on the effectiveness of your training activities. Eliminate the guesswork on who found value in your training. Easily survey and understand the weaknesses and strengths of your training curriculum

Training Plan - New Employees, Project Training, Organizational Change Management Training

Airiodion Global Services’ Training Assessment, Tracking & Management Tool provides you with a holistic platform that allows you to assess and manage all aspects of your training development and implementation.

Best-in-Class Training Strategy

Get a proven, and structured training process with a step-by-step guide on developing and implementing your training program

Training Channels and Delivery Methods

Training Development and Implementation Milestone Roadmap

The Training Assessment & Management Tool comes with various templates, samples, and guides for developing and implementing training for your change management transformation training program.

Get a holistic roadmap template that allows you to map out your training analysis, development, pilot, implementation, and evaluation activities. 

AGS Training Milestones - Analysis & Evaluation

Calendar of Events

Get a template for developing your calendar of event. A calendar of event is an outline of the various training dates, trainee groups, and delivery channels. A “Calendar of Events” provides a holistic view of the various trainee groups, as well as the timeline for training each group of trainees

Training Schedule, Timeline and Itinerary

Training Process

Your Training Assessment and Management Tool includes a step-by-step training process flow outline to help increase the success of your training program design, development, and implementation.

Training Process Flow

Training Matrix & Databases

Your AGS Training Tool includes comes fully equipped with two structured, easy-to-use Training Assessment & Engagement Matrix Databases that provide you with a centralized matrix for capturing the key pieces of information for your training. One of these includes specific training that needs to be provided to specific employees.

The other Matrix allows you to capture process or role/personal/job title based training. This is training that needs to be provided based on a process that is changing, and for which the job role that performs that process will need to be trained on the new processes.

Training Tool - Specific Employee Training

Measuring & Tracking Training Success

Your AGS Training Tool also comes with a guide on measuring and tracking the success of your training program, as well as other guides and best practices.

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