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Change Management Training Planning, Development, & Management Tool for 2020

An effective training and development program allows you to increase the success of your training implementation, which includes training new employees or existing employees that are impacted by an organizational change.

Existing employees often have to be enabled and trained to adopt new business processes, system implementation, culture changes, M&A integrations, new skills, and enabled to adopt other types of business changes.

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Employee Training Matrix Template – Excel – Illustration

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The section below presents a top employee training tool, which includes employee training topics template, Trainee planning matrix, and a sample training plan template for employees. You can obtain and use this training tool to manage all aspects of your employee training.

Employee Training Matrix Template Database

Our business training tool provides you with a best-in-class training matrix template that allows you to gather the right levels of impacted employee information.

Your impacted employee audience will include any employee, manager or leader who will be impacted by a business change, technology integration, M&A, job role/skills changes, or any other type of business change, and who needs to be enabled and trained.

Key data points that need to be gathered and documented when conducting your training requirements assessments include the Who, Why, What, When, and How.

Training Software for Change Management - Training Requirements

Gathering the various training audience information from your training assessments will be an ongoing process. As you progress with your training assessments, you should enter the information into the Training Audience Template Database that comes with our training tool.

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Sample Training Audience Template Database – Illustration

Training Audience Template - training outline template-min

Using this employee training template (Excel-based) in combination with the Tool’s Analytics Dashboard will allow you to easily identify which employees, job roles, departments, and regions have the most and the least number of targeted Trainees.

Divisions, groups, and regions with a high number of Trainees will need more flexibility with training session options. Asking everyone in a highly impacted Division to show up to one training session will not be a productive effort. Scheduling multiple training sessions (e.g., different days and times) for Trainees within such a  heavily impacted Division will go a long way in getting most of the Trainees to show up (or dial in) to the training.

In addition, you can quickly see which countries or regions have the highest or lowest levels of Trainees, and then plan your training delivery accordingly to accommodate time zones, local requirements, and other localization needs.

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A key benefit of the Employee Training Matrix Template Database is the “Training Progress Score Card” section, that allows you to easily track (at a holistic level), the progress that Trainees are making towards completing their assigned training topics.

Employee Training Sample – Training Progress Score Card Matrix

Training and development plan template scorecard-min

Training Agenda Topics – Template Database

Our training tool also comes with a structured training matrix template that allows you to document the groups of related training topics.

This template is linked to the employee training database matrix, and automatically calculates the total number of Trainees for each assigned training topic.

The training schedule template (Excel-based) also includes columns for inputting the platform that will be used to deliver the training, as well as delivery dates and names of the managers that will be responsible for delivering the training plan and program.

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Illustration: Training Schedule Template (Excel-Based) Sample

employee training and development

Analytics Dashboard View

Your employee training and enablement tool also comes equipped with a holistic dashboard view for tracking, reporting, and managing your training program.

 Sample training plan template for employees

Training checklist template and trainee score card reports

Training schedule template

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Two Options

We decided to build this employee training, tracking, and management software tool using Excel to increase its flexibility and usability. This is because most HR personnel, change managers, program leads, change practitioners, training practitioners, and project leads are already familiar with Excel. 

“We created two options to match everyone’s project budgeting needs.”

Option 1:

The 1st option is the Training Planning & Management Toolkit.

  • It includes streamlined training template databases (Training Audience Database and Training Topics Database) for capturing the Who, What, When, How, and Where for your training program for impacted employees.
  • It includes an analytics dashboard for insights, reporting and monitoring.
  • It is optimized to simplify your training management and activities.

Option 2:

The 2nd option is the Training Planning & Management Toolkit + Customization Service.

  • Every company, every team and every department is unique. Get Option 2 today. It allows your team to request additional capabilities to meet your unique needs.
  • You can request additional enhancements, reports, features, charts, views, and more!
  • That’s not all. You can request copies of the Tool and use these copies for multiple clients, projects, and groups at the same time! Or request custom branding (replace AGS Logo with your branding), and many more.

Get this today, and it’s good for 3 months (up to 3 customization requests). Plus, get prioritized 12-24 hour customer service response (7 days a week). Email us if you have additional questions about this customization service.

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Don’t hesitate to contact Airiodion Global Services (AGS) if you have any questions or requests about any of our product. AGS offers a wide range of organizational change management and project management products, including templates, samples, matrix spreadsheets, and tools.

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Click below to view an end-to-end video review of our training tool.

Change Management Employee Training Tool Video Review

Click below to purchase the training matrix, templates, tool, and training management product version that best meets your needs.


Watch a Video Tutorial of This Training Tool

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