Best Stakeholder Assessment & Management Toolkit

for Mapping, Assessing, Engaging, and Managing Stakeholders

A Top Stakeholder Management Toolkit with Streamlined Assessment Templates & Reporting Dashboards

As a Sr. Organizational Change Management Lead & Project Management Consultant, I have successfully delivered large scale business initiatives that have impacted thousands of employees and stakeholders across Apple, Cisco, HSBC, Intel, Accenture, Deloitte, Capital One, State Street, and other global firms.

Throughout my consulting career, one major challenge voiced by change practitioners and project managers has been a lack of a standardized all-in-one stakeholder toolkit that can be used across any industry, organization, and region.

And so, as a Pioneer of best business change toolkits, and a strong Advocate of the change management and program management communities I decided to work with AGS Designers and Developers to launch the All-in-One Stakeholder Toolkit below, which includes defined, and easy to use stakeholder mapping templates, matrix, best stakeholder engagement & management plans, samples, and step-by-step guides.

Ogbe Airiodion
Senior Change Management Lead & Project Manager

 Our goal is to place this toolkit at the hands of any professional who is involved in any kind of change – to help increase your change success & performance.

Try it for 30 days. Money back guarantee.

Are You in a Different Region?

Question: “Hi AGS, I am in a different region, will the toolkit still work for me?”

Answer: Yes, most definitely! This toolkit was developed for change practitioners in the United States, Australia, the U.K., Canada, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, Asia Pacific (APAC), and in 152+ different countries.

It is truly a global change management platform for change managers and project managers irrespective of your current geographical location.

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Stakeholder & Change Management Made Easy

There are many moving parts to change management and managing and assessing stakeholders. You have to identify which stakeholders are critical, gauge support or resistance to change, plan for engagement activities, and more! AGS Cloud’s Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement Toolkit provides you with everything you need to successfully assess, engage, and manage stakeholders during a change project. 

AGS’ Stakeholder Management Toolkit is equally suited to newbies and seasoned change managers. These easy-to-use tools and templates are designed to help those new to change management ramp up the learning curve with expert guidance as well as give experienced change managers tools that are truly time-saving.

Stakeholder Management Dashboard – Illustration

stakeholder assessment matrix

AGS’ top stakeholder platform (with Excel and online versions) is a toolkit that you can use to conduct all aspects of your stakeholder mapping, assessments, tracking, and management.

Using AGS Cloud stakeholder engagement software, you can quickly identify and document the “who, what, when, how, and why” of stakeholders that have a stake in a change or who will need to be engaged and managed to increase the success of your project initiative.

Watch a Quick Video of This Tool: Video Review of  AGS Stakeholder Tool

Stakeholder Mapping Template and Engagement Tool

Do you know all the critical stakeholder mapping and analytics factors that need to be assessed to increase your success? If not, no worries, our stakeholder database template includes a simplified and optimized structure with pre-defined stakeholder analysis columns and data fields.

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Try it for 30 days. Money back guarantee.

Spend less time trying to figure which stakeholder factors you need to assess. This allows you to better focus your time in conducting your stakeholder assessment and also managing critical stakeholders.

Stakeholder Analysis

change readiness assessment prosci 

It also includes a step-by-step tutorial to walk through best practices for conducting your mapping, engaging your stakeholder, and managing relationships with key leadership stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management Template with Holistic Analytics

The stakeholder engagement tool includes an advanced, cutting-edge, analytics dashboard that provides quick and visualized insights into your stakeholder audience.

Video Tutorial of this Stakeholder Tool

Using your stakeholder management tool from AGS, you can easily segment your stakeholder audience based on their receptiveness of (or resistance to) the change. Easily see which stakeholders are resisting the project, and which ones have provided buy-in and support. Apply geographical location views to effectively identify and engage stakeholders based on localization attributes.

Flexibility & Scalability

Your AGS stakeholder management software’s template is scalable, meaning you can use it for any type of program, from small projects that will impact only a few groups to large transformations that will impact thousands of employees, managers, customers, and external users.

Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

The analytics dashboard that comes with your AGS Cloud stakeholder analysis & management tool gives you real-time business insights that can help you make strategic decisions on your stakeholder engagement plan.

Your Stakeholder Management Tool Dashboard is continuously up-to-date with the progress you or your team are making as you complete the steps and tasks needed for your analysis and engagement exercises.

This is going to save you tons of time when it comes to analyzing and presenting your data. Instead of having to spend hours pouring over your inputted information and trying to chart it into comprehensive insights – AGS Cloud has done it all for you!

importance of stakeholder analysis stakeholder management tools

what is stakeholder mapping

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Video Review: AGS Stakeholder Assessment & Management Tool

Video Review of AGS Cloud Stakeholder Tool

Video Review of AGS Excel Stakeholder Tool

Why Use AGS Cloud’s Stakeholder Tool for Your Change Project?

  • Saves you tons of time on all aspects of your stakeholder assessment, engagement, and management activities
  • Based on industry-standard change methodologies
  • Can be used by both beginners and experienced change managers
  • Change teams can collaborate together online
  • Automatic reporting that is always current with your data
  • You can access your AGS Cloud’s Stakeholder Toolkit from any device
  • Keeps you from dropping any balls 
  • Makes you look good with smart analytics!

No Risk
Try it for 30 days (Cloud version). Money back guarantee.

What’s Inside the AGS Cloud Stakeholder Management Module?

  • Free change management templates & roadmaps
  • Guides and planning for stakeholder engagement, coaching & buy-in
  • Instant analytics as you input data into your stakeholder templates (no spending hours trying to create reports)
  • Ability to upload your stakeholder data from a spreadsheet or key it into the Cloud interface
  • Master organizational lists that populate into all stakeholder templates as dropdown options
  • Ability to add on special features like knowledge library access or a live dedicated Senior Change Manager as a resource
  • and More!

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


We’ve created this Stakeholder Assessment and Management Toolkit in the Cloud, which allows you to access the tool using any device. In addition, everything is saved in one place and available to come back to whenever required on any device you see fit. No more having to switch between tools! Or worrying about siloed spreadsheets or Excel limitations.

This Toolkit
(Cloud Version)
This Toolkit
(Downloadable/Excel Version)


USD / user / month.
Cancel anytime before your next recurring billing. 

  • Includes all relevant templates, samples, reporting dashboards, and dashboards with sample data.
  • Ongoing enhancements. Because the Cloud version is in the Cloud and we own the technology, we’re free to continuously innovate, enhance, and support the platform with new releases & free upgrades.
  • As we receive enhancement feedback from customers and identify new best-in-class change management practices, we integrate these into our Cloud versions, and upgrade existing users – free of charge – to increase their change performance and successes.
  • 30-days money back guarantee | Recurring payment | Cancel anytime you want.
  • Fully automated process (As you input data, your reporting dashboards are updated in real time).
  • Easily export your data to Excel or PDF.
  • Enterprise-level Online Security & Cyber-Protection
  • Best for: Change Practitioners, Consultants, Project Managers, Communication Specialists, Trainers, Change Champions/Agents, and many more.


One-time payment only.
Sales of our downloadable toolkits are final.

  • Includes all relevant templates, samples, reporting dashboards, and dashboards with sample data.
  • Purchasing our Downloadable/Excel version does not  include free entitlement to future enhancements or improvements. Your purchase is a one-time purchase only. Sales are final.
  • Partial automation (1-2 clicks needed to refresh reporting dashboards to show updated reports).
  • You need to have Excel installed in your computer to use the Downloadable/Excel version.
  • Best for: Those who prefer Excel, and the ability to make their own customizations or technical changes to the toolkit. People who prefer to download and own the toolkit forever – without any future enhancements.

Recurring payment. USD / user / month.

Cancel anytime before your next recurring billing. 

Purchase & Download

One-time payment only.

Sales of our downloadable toolkits are final.

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Multi-prong question about sharing the Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool with other team members

Questions: Can I share this Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool with others? What are the requirements for the single-use license? If I have a colleague on the same project, can we use it separately and work on the project separately, or do we need to buy 2 licenses?

Answer: Our Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool is offered on a per user basis. You can add users to your account to collaborate with you, but they need to subscribe. Subscribing gives them their own single-user license. After you purchase the Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool, we will follow-up with additional details on the 3 quick steps for adding teammates and other users to sharing the tool with you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Answer: Absolutely! We’d hate to see you go, but we understand things come up. Subscription plans for our Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool are recurring but can be canceled before the next renewal period on your My Account > Subscriptions page. We have a no-questions-asked simple-click cancellation policy—no hoops for you to jump through.

Does the Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool include guides and tutorials?

Answers: Yes, it does. And more. It also includes video tutorials that provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on using the Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool.

Can I upload (import) data into the Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool’s spreadsheets. For example, can I upload employee rosters vs having to re-enter the data?

Answer: Yes, you can. We’ve made it easy with a simple click to import existing data into your Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool. Automatically import your data from other databases or spreadsheets in minutes and instantly bring your team together.

I am in a different region, will this Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool still work for me?

Answer: Yes. This tool was developed for change managers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the U.K., Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, LATAM, Middle East, APAC, and in any region. It is truly a global Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool platform.

Can I remove AGS branding and use my branding or firm’s logo?

Answer: Yes, you can replace AGS branding on your purchased Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool, when you add a customization or a value-add service plan to your order.

If acquiring the Excel version of the Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool, add our Customization Service plan.

If acquiring the Cloud version of the Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool, add the “Value-Add Service – Premium” plan. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Can I upgrade at any time? Can I add more products later on?


You can add products or upgrade at any time, but some products may need to scale together with this Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool. Check out our All-in-One Toolkit for more details.

How are future enhancements/changes handled for this Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool?


• Future upgrades and changes to your Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool will be done periodically. Upgrades and future enhancements will always be free to customers.
• If you decide to go with the Excel version of this Stakeholder Assessment and Mgt Tool, please note that our Excel products are considered final sales, meaning there are no upgrades, refunds, or changes to them after purchase. See also: Which Version Should I Go With? Cloud or Excel?

360-Degree View

Airiodion Global Services’ Best Stakeholder Management Software provides you with a 360-degree interactive platform that allows you to assess and manage all aspects of your stakeholder engagement and management using one software tool.

Using the dashboard that is linked to the stakeholder engagement plan template, you can easily view graphical analytical visuals to share trends and stakeholder insights with the project team, as well as with senior leadership.

Developing This Year’s Best Stakeholder Management Software for Stakeholder Mapping, Assessment, Tracking, & Management

Video Review: Stakeholder Template & Tool

We often get questions from clients and other change practitioners including “which tools are the best stakeholder management software tools to use for mid-to-large scale projects.” We’ve also heard comments like “if only I had an easy-to-use stakeholder engagement dashboard and stakeholder assessment tool.”

From experience we have learned that to better increase the success of your stakeholder assessment, mapping, engagement, and management, it is essential that you apply a structured change management process. You should also leverage a best stakeholder assessment tool, also referred to as a stakeholder management software that interactively allows you to see which stakeholders are receptive to the change, which ones are resisting the change, and which stakeholders need additional engagement to increase their receptiveness to the change.

Stakeholders, including executives and senior managers, have the ability to block a change directly or indirectly.

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They can influence the thinking or actions of other project stakeholders and are in a position to support or oppose changes that are related to an initiative. As such, stakeholder assessment and stakeholder management has become one of the most critical components of an effective change program, which is why using a stakeholder assessment software tool is very important.

There is a wide range of best stakeholder management software tools that can be found on the market today. Some of these top stakeholder assessment tools allow you to conduct stakeholder mapping, and others include an easy-to-use stakeholder engagement dashboard that provides you with graphical analytics to effective mapping, tracking, and managing your stakeholders.

AGS Cloud is…

  • Streamlined
  • Optimized
  • Designed for faster insights
  • Intuitive to use
  • A 360-degree stakeholder management process (assessment, mapping, etc.)

stakeholder mapping template and stakeholder analysis software

In addition, this top stakeholder assessment and management software tool from AGS allows you to eliminate the guesswork on who is supporting and who is resisting the change.

Airiodion Global Services’ Stakeholder Tracking Software Tool provides you with an interactive platform that allows you to assess and manage all aspects of your stakeholder engagement and management using one complete stakeholder analysis software tool.

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AGS’ Stakeholder Management Software Includes a Detailed Assessment & Engagement Database

And don’t forget that our stakeholder management and tracking tool comes fully equipped with a structured, easy-to-use Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement Database that provides you with a centralized matrix for capturing the key pieces of information from your stakeholder assessment, as well as your plans for engaging and managing stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the change program.

Video Tutorial of this AGS Stakeholder Tool

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Excellent ROI from the first month! 

Authors: Ogbe Airiodion (Senior Change Management Lead) and Francesca Crolley (AGS Cloud Content Producer)
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