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AGS’ Stakeholder Assessment, Tracking, & Management Tool

To increase the success of your stakeholder assessment, engagement and management, it is essential that you apply a structured process that interactively allows you to see which stakeholder groups are receptive to the change, which ones are resisting the change, and which groups need additional engagement to increase their receptiveness to the change.

Stakeholders, end-users, sponsors and key managers have the ability to block a change directly or indirectly, influence the thinking or actions of other project stakeholders, and are in a position to support or oppose changes that are related to an initiative.

Increase stakeholder support and receptive to the change by assessing and understanding your stakeholder segments.

Get better and faster insights for intuitive planning and reporting. Eliminate the guesswork on who is who, and easily share identified trends and segmentation using graphical visuals.

Stakeholder and Program Sponsors Assessments Templates, Samples, and Tool-min
Presenting to key stakeholders and program sponsors

Airiodion Global Services’ Stakeholder Assessment & Management Tool provides you with a 360-degree interactive platform that allows you to assess and manage all aspects of your stakeholder engagement.

Real-Time Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement Analytics Dashboard

Your Stakeholder Assessment & Management Tool Dashboard is always up-to-date with the progress you are making as you complete the steps and tasks needed for your stakeholder and sponsors’ assessment exercise. Easily monitor completed, in-progress, and pending tasks; as well as tasks that are past due.

Instantly see how you and your team are progressing with your stakeholder analysis, including your assessment of managers that are needed to support the change, and those that are needed to sponsor the change by helping to reduce resistance and help to increase adoption of the change. 

Real-Time Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement Analytics Dashboard

Holistic Dashboard 360° View

Your Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement Tool Dashboard provides you with a holistic 360-degree view. Get the latest insights on stakeholder types, including their level of support.

Stakeholder Receptiveness to the Change Chart and Report

Easily understand the segments of managers and supervisors with low change management competencies, and implement the appropriate engagement plans. Based on a stakeholder’s competency, ability to impact the change and the role he or she will play in increasing adoption of the change, your engagement plan might need to include minor change management coaching activities.

Stakeholder Change Management Competency Analysis

Easily include screenshots of charts and tables on your presentation documents when you provide a status update to senior leaders, steering committee members and other project leads. Get a holistic view of which individuals have low, mid or high change management competency, as well as the number of sponsors and stakeholders that have a high, mid or low ability to increase the success or failure of your program.

This helps you get straight to what matters most, which includes better engagement with your target stakeholders, better stakeholder experience, and more effective governance.

Easily segment your stakeholder audience based on their geographical location and current state of receptiveness to the change, so you can effectively engage them based on localization attributes. In addition, you can apply segmentation based on office location, group, organization, team, building, city, and other location data points.

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Tracking Your Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement 

Easily see which tasks are coming due in the near future, which ones are past due, and which ones were recently completed.

With this view, you can quickly determine how much progress you or your team is making on the assessment tasks and activities, as well as identify whether you need to get back on track. This can also be included in project management reporting and change management status update reports. 

AGS - Airiodion Global Services - Change Management - Tasks Due

Tasks - Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement Database

The Tool comes fully equipped with a structured, easy-to-use Stakeholder Assessment & Engagement Database that provides you with a centralized matrix for capturing the key pieces of information from your stakeholder assessment, as well as your plans for engaging and managing stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the change program.

As you complete these tasks, your Stakeholder Assessment Dashboard updates automatically in real-time.

Stakeholder Assessment, Engagement and Management Matrix Database Tool

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