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Organizational Change Readiness Assessment Template & Management Tool for 2020

An organizational readiness analysis enables you to identify and document how ready each impacted group is for a business, process or technology change. When conducting your assessment, you will need a tool or a spreadsheet to document and assess your findings, and also to manage your organizational readiness.

Readiness Assessment Template – Illustration
Change readiness assessment template, questionnaire, survey-min

The change readiness tool and template presented below is offered by AGS, and was designed by our Senior Change Management Lead specifically for organizations, program managers, change practitioners, and project resources that are looking to optimize their respective organizational readiness assessments.

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Organizational Readiness Assessment Template & Tool

Our readiness assessment and tracking tool provides you with a best-in-class assessment template that allows you to gather the right levels of readiness criteria factors.

Do you know all the readiness factors that need to be assessed? If not, no worries, this template includes a simplified and optimized structure with pre-defined columns and data fields. Spend less time trying to figure what you need to assess. This allows you to better focus your time in conducting the assessment itself.

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Using the first four columns (see Figure 1.2), you can easily capture the Business Units / Divisions, Departments, Groups and also the number of people that were assessed as part of the questionnaires, surveys, meetings, or other assessment delivery vehicle that you used to access the readiness of your target audience groups.

Figure 1.2

It is also important to input the date when the assessment was completed. This is essential as it allows you to better track “readiness progress” of each group over time. Readiness assessment is not a one-time-and-be-done exercise.

You want to assess each group multiple times over a period of time to see whether there is improvement or deterioration in their readiness for the change. See figure 1.3 and 1.4 below for examples.

Figure 1.3
Change Readiness Template

Illustration 1.4
Business Readiness Analysis Software Tool

Knowledge, Skills and Proficiency Levels

A key goal of a structured change management program is to increase impacted user readiness and adoption. This includes knowledge and skills needed so impacted individuals can be ready for the change. Providing training and coaching will help boost people’s proficiency levels. However, as part of your readiness analysis you’ll need to assess how impacted users are progressing in their transition.

Watch a video review of this tool: Video Tutorial of Change Readiness Tool

Document your findings on the Knowledge, Skills and Proficiency Levels’ fields in the readiness assessment template, and track this over time. See Figure 1.5 below for an example.

Illustration 1.5

Track organizational readiness over a period of time to measure progress

Past Change Experiences

The levels of negative or positive experiences that a group has experienced in the past can greatly impact the group’s receptiveness or resistance to the change. As such, it is essential that you assess the group’s historical experiences (negative AND positive) to previous changes.

Illustration 1.6

Experiences with previous changes

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Video Review of AGS Change Readiness Tool

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Two Options for You to Choose from – Get Yours Today

We decided to build this organizational change readiness assessment and management tool using Excel to increase its flexibility and usability. This is because most people are already familiar with Excel. 

“We created two options to match everyone’s needs.”

Option 1:

  • The 1st option is the Org Readiness Assessment & Management Tool, which includes the templates for your organizational change readiness assessments, an analytics dashboard for insights and monitoring of your target audience, readiness reporting, and detailed samples.
  • It is streamlined to simplify your readiness assessments, and includes a step-by-step guide and video tutorial.

Option 2:

The second option is our Org Readiness Assessment and Management Tool + Customization Service.

  • Every company, every team and every department is unique. Get Option 2 today. It allows your team to request additional capabilities to meet your unique needs.
  • You can request additional enhancements, reports, features, charts, views, and more!
  • That’s not all. With Option 2, you can request copies of the Tool and use these copies for multiple clients, projects, and groups at the same time! Or request custom branding (replace AGS Logo with your branding), and many more.

Get this today, and it’s good for 3 months (up to 3 customization requests). Plus, get prioritized 12-24 hour customer service response (7 days a week). Email us if you have additional questions about this customization service.

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Quick FAQs

  • Question: Can I use this Tool for different projects, organizations or clients?

    • Yes, you can make copies of any AGS Change Management Tool to use for different projects or for different organizations.
    • We have a single-user policy for each purchase, but we have no restrictions for you – as a single user – to make copies of our Tools to use for different projects or more than one organization. If you want other members of your team to use any of the copies, kindly ensure that they obtain their own license (Additional User License)
  • Question: What are the requirements for a single use license? If I have a colleague on the same project can we use the Tool separately and work on the project separately or do we need to buy 2 licenses? Also can the project be shared across multiple users?

    • Yes the project can be shared across multiple users, but if anyone else will be using and managing the Tool extensively they will need to purchase their own license, which is an additional one-time fee of $50 (Additional User License)
  • Question: Can I export the data to share with clients, other individuals or key stakeholders?

    • Yes. On any page of any of the modules within the Tool, just click on “File”, then “Export” and “Create PDF/XPS Document” which you can then email to your client. Or you can click on “Print” and print to PDF.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Organizational Readiness Assessment Template Dashboard

Our organizational readiness software tool also includes a Readiness Assessment Tracking and Management Dashboard, which provides you and your team with analytical insights. Easily see which groups are willing to support or resist the change. Get a holistic view of current vs future state knowledge and experience gaps, which allows you to quickly tackle the most pressing groups first.

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Organizational Readiness Assessment Tracking & Management Dashboard


Our Readiness Assessment Tool also comes with a Workshops & Meetings Planning Itinerary” Template. This template is an added bonus for when you need to conduct workshops for large scale change. You don’t need to use it, but at least it’s there if ever you need it.

This Template provides you with proven steps that you can use to maximum engagement and receptiveness from the people you will be engaging with. It also includes step-by-step plans for scheduling, preparing for, conducting and following up on your change readiness assessment workshops, meetings and other engagements with end-users.

See Also: Video Tutorial of AGS Change Readiness Tool

AGS' Readiness Assessment Tool Workshops & Meeting Planning


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