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By Ogbe Airiodion | Senior Change Management Leader

Everything You Really Need to Know about the Prosci Certification. 

Is the Prosci change management certification program still relevant today? Is it worth spending the full cost of $4,400 USD to get a Prosci certification online? 

This Prosci certification review article has been published to help answer your key questions about the Prosci change management certification program, including the pros and cons of the Prosci training.

Over the last two decades, I have worked as a Senior Change Management Consultant, and delivered large-scale change management programs that impacted over 100,000 users, employees, consumers, and managers across Apple, Cisco, HSBC, Capital One, and other large organizations.

Clients, change practitioners, and stakeholders often ask me questions about the value of a Prosci change management certificate. This post has been published to help address these questions.

Ogbe Airiodion
Sr. Change Management Consultant

Prosci Change Management Certificate Reviews - Pros and Cons

Prosci Change Management Certificate Reviews

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First, Why is the Prosci Certification so Popular?

The Prosci certificate is not the only change management certification out there; there is the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) which only costs $595 USD for members and $745 USD for non-members.

There is also the Certified Change Manager (CCM)® Certification, Change Management Cornell Certificate Program, Change Management Specialist (CMS)® Certificate, Professional Certificate in Change Management, Agile Change Management Certification, and the Certified Strategic Change Management program.

So, what makes the Prosci certification so special that it cost $4,400 to attain? Why do a lot of change management resources want to become a Prosci certified change practitioner? Is there value in completing the Prosci training courses?

AGS recently reviewed hundreds of change management practitioner job listings across LinkedIn,, Indeed, Dice, and other job platforms, and of the ones that asked for a change practitioner certificate, most of them stated that the Prosci change management certification was either a “nice to have” or a mandatory requirement for that job.

Although there are several different change management certifications to choose from, one reason why the Prosci change management certificate is so popular is that it is based on over 20 years of detailed change management studies.

As stated by Prosci:

“Over the last 20 years we have studied change implementations, noting what worked and what didn’t work, and establishing how to effectively implement successful change. We created repeatable, effective methods for managing the people side of change. Our Prosci change management courses and training programs come from this best practice research based on the experience of thousands of practitioners.”

Prosci change management program is designed to be holistic, scalable, and easy for organizations to use. It’s also designed to help individuals and organizations build up their change management skills and learn the factors behind the successful change. This is a key factor for the Prosci ADKAR certification’s popularity. But is it really worth the cost?

Prosci claims that they have trained over 75,000 to become Prosci certified change practitioners and that 80% of large companies apply the Prosci change methodology.

Prosci certification

Prosci Certification – Online & In-Person (Why Choose Prosci)

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Prosci Certification Reviews: Pros & Advantages

Before addressing the cons and disadvantages of the Prosci ADKAR change management certification, let’s first discuss the pros and advantages.

The Prosci Change Management Certification Program is currently a virtual, instructor-led, interactive, three-day learning program. Starting in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prosci moved its training program online. When the pandemic ends, the expectation is that Prosci will go back to the in-person instructor-led training program, or possibly a hybrid in-person and online certification approach to offer change practitioners with flexibility.

During the three-day Prosci training, change practitioners are trained on the knowledge, methodologies, and skills needed for them to effectively drive successful change initiatives. As part of the Prosci change management course, practitioners learn how to apply Prosci’s methodology to an existing project, network with other change leaders, and carry their training forward to improve organizational results.

Prosci also offers the Train-The-Trainer Level 1 and Level 2 certification programs. Each level is a two-day certification program that prepares Prosci certified change practitioners to teach role-based Prosci ADKAR change management training programs to other practitioners within their organization.

Additional pros of the Prosci certification:

  • There are no prerequisite courses that you need to complete before attending the training and taking the exam (Yes, it helps if you study in advance, but this is not a requirement).
  • The time commitment is very short (just 3-days), versus having to spend one or more semesters studying.
  • You don’t have to earn continuing education credits to keep the certification.
  • It comes with a helpful toolkit.
  • It’s well known and respected.

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Prosci Certification Reviews: Cons & Disadvantages

Now that we have covered the benefits of the Prosci certification program, let us address the cons of attaining the Prosci change management certificate. 

The biggest issue for most practitioners is the high cost needed to attain the certificate.

Prosci Certification Program - Register and Sign Up Here

Another con of the Prosci certification program is that the Prosci Practitioner eToolkit provided as part of the certification is very limited in scope. Industry-standard templates for key change management deliverables like training management templates, communication management templates, impacted user engagement templates, and others are not adequately covered in the Prosci eToolkit.

Another pain point and disadvantage is that the eToolkit and All-Access Prosci Portal both need to be renewed on a regular basis, and are not part of the one-time $4,400 cost.

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Can You Get Your Company to Pay for the Prosci Certificate?

If you need to use other models besides ADKAR, then the Prosci certification online program may not be worth it to you, and you may want to seek out another type of certification that either covers best practices drawn from several models or that includes more than a single model.

However, if you’re currently employed and working as a change manager or project manager for an organization that requires a Prosci ADKAR certificate, then the organization will likely be open to paying the full cost on your behalf. You should speak with your manager, change team, or HR regarding this.

Send Us Your Prosci Certification Review & Feedback

Are you a Prosci certified practitioner? Would you like to share your input about your experience with the Prosci training and the main Prosci change management certification? Do they think all that money was worth it?

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Continue Reading: 

What is Prosci certified? What does it mean to be Prosci certified?

A Prosci certified practitioner is a change management individual that has been trained in using Prosci methodologies and processes and has received a certification after a 3-day training session.

Is Prosci an accredited institution?

Prosci is not an accredited institution. If you are interested in accredited change management institutions you will want to consider the Cornell University - Change Management Certification, and other change certifications offered by 4-year universities.

What are the biggest cons of the Prosci change management certificate?

The biggest issues with the Prosci certificate is the higher cost you need to pay to acquire the certificate, as well as the limited toolkit provided.

What does Prosci stand for?

Wondering, “What does Prosci stand for?” The name is a combination of the first three letters in words “professional” and “science.”

Authors: Ogbe Airiodion (Senior Change Management Lead) and Francesca Crolley (AGS Cloud Content Producer)
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