Project Assessment Template and Dashboard


For Assessing a Project’s Scope, Objectives, and Deliverables – Outputs for Developing Effective Project and Change Deliverables

Best Project Assessment Toolkit for Change Managers and Project Leads

As mentioned in our Project Assessment Guide, the first step to implementing an effective project or change management process involves conducting an assessment of the project as soon as you join the business initiative.

Presenting… AGS’ top Change Management Project Assessment Toolkit designed for you to increase your project assessment successes.


The project review toolkit presented below is offered by Airiodion Global Services (AGS) and designed by our Senior Change Management Lead specifically for program managers, change leads, HR, and other project resources.

Using AGS’ Change Management Toolkit for Project/Program Assessments

Your AGS Cloud Change Management Toolkit for assessing projects and programs provides you with a best-in-class assessment “Template Database” of tasks that allows you to gather the right levels of criteria factors. This process involves working with Program Managers, Project Leads, sponsors, and other project team members to understand the scope, scale, objectives, and components of the program.

Spend less time trying to figure out what you need to assess, which allows you to focus your time on conducting and increasing the success of your program assessments.

Project Assessment Toolkit – Template Database – Illustration

Program Analysis Toolkit

Watch the Video Tutorial of this Project Assessment Tool

Change Management Made Easy

There are many moving parts to change management and doing a project assessment. You have to conduct 1:1 meetings, review project materials, summarize your findings into a presentation for leadership, and more! AGS Cloud’s Project Assessment Toolkit provides you with everything you need to conduct and present a successful project or program assessment.

AGS Cloud’s All-in-One Change Toolkit is equally suited to newbies and experienced change managers. These comprehensive tools and templates are designed to help those new to change management ramp up the learning curve with expert guidance as well as give seasoned change managers tools that are truly time-saving.

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List of Questions – Gathering the Needed Information

When meeting with the primary sponsor(s), project resources, and other key stakeholders, your Project Assessment Toolkit includes key sets of pre-determined questions that will guide you in asking the pertinent questions needed to understand the type of change, the size of the change, what is changing, and other critical project scope questions.

List of Questions to Ask Project Stakeholders-min

Change Management Project Assessment Tool’s Real-Time Dashboard

Your AGS Cloud Program Assessment Toolkit comes equipped with an automated and simplified dashboard for monitoring and reporting your progress.  The dashboard is always up-to-date with the progress you are taking to complete the steps and tasks needed for your program assessment exercise.

As a project or change management specialist, this allows you to get straight to what matters most: your most pressing program analysis tasks, keeping you on track with task status, upcoming 5-day task outlook, and more.

Reviewing a New Project - Dashboard 1-min Program Assessment Template - Excel

Flexibility & Scalability

Your AGS change project assessment software’s template is scalable, meaning you can use it for any type of program, from small projects that will impact only a few groups to large transformations that will impact thousands of employees, managers, customers, and external users.

No Risk
We have a 30-day money back guarantee on the Cloud version of our Toolkits. Meaning if a Toolkit doesn’t fit your business needs, or for any other reasons – just let us know and we’ll refund you – no questions asked.

Watch the video tutorial below which outlines this project assessment & planning tool.

Video Review: AGS Project Assessment Tool

Why Use AGS Cloud’s Project Assessment Toolkit?

  • Saves you tons of time on all aspects of your project assessment & planning activities
  • Based on industry-standard change methodologies
  • Can be used by both beginners and experienced change & project managers
  • Change management and project management teams can collaborate together online
  • Automatic program analysis task reporting that is always current with your data
  • Keeps you from dropping any balls 
  • Makes you look good to senior leaders and clients with smart analytics!

No Risk
We have a 30-day money back guarantee on the Cloud version of our Toolkits. Meaning if a Toolkit doesn’t fit your business needs, or for any other reasons – just let us know and we’ll refund you – no questions asked.

What’s Inside the AGS Cloud Project Assessment Module?

  • Free change management templates & roadmaps
  • Guides, list of questions, and project assessment PowerPoint template
  • Instant analytics as you input data into your project assessment template (no spending hours trying to create reports)
  • Ability to upload your data from a spreadsheet or key it into the Cloud project template interface
  • Ability to add on special features like knowledge library access or a live dedicated Senior Communication Lead as a resource for you to bounce ideas or for Q&A on best project analysis practices
  • and more!

Let us know if you have any questions.


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  • Partial automation (1-2 clicks needed to refresh reporting dashboards to show updated reports).
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Bonus: Program Assessment Readout – Template and Sample

After completing your review of the project, the next step is to present your findings to key stakeholders. During this meeting, you will want to educate them on how your findings will enable you to better develop the project or change management deliverables needed to support the project.

The Project Assessment Toolkit includes a bonus PowerPoint Template and also a PDF sample for performing your project assessment readout.

Project Review Readout Template-min

The simplified and succinct leadership reporting PowerPoint template can easily be populated with key pieces of information that can be presented when you meet with key stakeholders and other managers that will be impacted by the program. You can even brand it with your logo!


Multi-prong question about sharing the Project Assessment Toolkit with other team members

Questions: Can I share this Project Assessment Toolkit with others? What are the requirements for the single-use license? If I have a colleague on the same project, can we use it separately and work on the project separately, or do we need to buy 2 licenses?

Answer: Our Project Assessment Toolkit is offered on a per user basis. You can add users to your account to collaborate with you, but they need to subscribe. Subscribing gives them their own single-user license. After you purchase the Project Assessment Toolkit, we will follow-up with additional details on the 3 quick steps for adding teammates and other users to sharing the tool with you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Answer: Absolutely! We’d hate to see you go, but we understand things come up. Subscription plans for our Project Assessment Toolkit are recurring but can be canceled before the next renewal period on your My Account > Subscriptions page. We have a no-questions-asked simple-click cancellation policy—no hoops for you to jump through.

Does the Project Assessment Toolkit include guides and tutorials?

Answers: Yes, it does. And more. It also includes video tutorials that provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough on using the Project Assessment Toolkit.

Can I upload (import) data into the Project Assessment Toolkit’s spreadsheets. For example, can I upload employee rosters vs having to re-enter the data?

Answer: Yes, you can. We’ve made it easy with a simple click to import existing data into your Project Assessment Toolkit. Automatically import your data from other databases or spreadsheets in minutes and instantly bring your team together.

I am in a different region, will this Project Assessment Toolkit still work for me?

Answer: Yes. This tool was developed for the U.S., as well as for change managers in Australia, the U.K., Canada, Philippines, India, Africa, Europe, LATAM, Middle East, APAC, and in any region. It is truly a global Project Assessment Toolkit platform.

Can I remove AGS branding and use my branding or firm’s logo?

Answer: Yes, you can replace AGS branding on your purchased Project Assessment Toolkit, when you add a customization or a value-add service plan to your order.

If acquiring the Excel version of the Project Assessment Toolkit, add our Customization Service plan.

If acquiring the Cloud version of the Project Assessment Toolkit, add the “Value-Add Service – Premium” plan. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Can I upgrade at any time? Can I add more products later on?


You can add products or upgrade at any time, but some products may need to scale together with this Project Assessment Toolkit. Check out our All-in-One Toolkit for more details

How are future enhancements/changes handled for this Project Assessment Toolkit?


• Future upgrades and changes to your Project Assessment Toolkit will be done periodically. Upgrades and future enhancements will always be free to customers.
• If you decide to go with the Excel version of this Project Assessment Toolkit, please note that our Excel products are considered final sales, meaning there are no upgrades, refunds, or changes to them after purchase. See also: Which Version Should I Go With? Cloud or Excel?

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When conducting your project assessment it is essential that you use a structured process, including a defined template for conducting and documenting your findings, as well as a reporting document to share your findings with key members of the program. AGS Cloud’s Project Assessment Toolkit’s Template includes a checklist of the tasks that you need to review for your program assessment, as well as who you need to interview or speak with to gather the information you need.

The Program Assessment Toolkit includes a full list of questions that you can leverage when meeting with key stakeholders, project sponsors, and other program resources.

Easily monitor completed, in-progress, and pending tasks using the dashboard; as well as tasks that are past due. Instantly see how your tasks and team are progressing with the program assessment tasks.

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