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AGS Founder’s Note: Top Rated All-in-One Change Management Tool for 2020

Ever since I launched AGS over a year ago to empower change management and project management practitioners with best change practices and tools, we have received ongoing messages and questions from hundreds of change management practitioners, project managers, HR personnel, and program managers.

A few of these questions are included below:

    • “Is there an industry standard organizational change tool for managing communications, training, stakeholder management, change champion network management, resistance mitigation and other change activities?”
    • “When will AGS develop a tool for me to conduct all aspects of my change management activities, including change impact assessments, readiness assessments, resistance management, training assessment and stakeholder analysis?”
    • “Where can I find one centralized holistic platform that includes ALL the various change templates, guides and tools that are published on your website?”

As of early 2020, there was no industry-standard or consistent set of consolidated change management tools/templates… and so we decided to build a solution.

This all-in-one organizational change management (OCM) tool is reviewed and offered below. It has been designed for organizational change management leads, product managers, change managers, HR and project managers to use to design, develop, deliver, and manage all aspects of the people side of change.

I have been a Sr. Change Management Lead & Program Manager for over a decade. I started my career on Wall Street and have delivered change management for a wide range of sectors, industries and companies, including Intel, Cisco, Apple, Goldman Sachs, State Street, and many more.

Here at AGS, we believe in continuous innovation and in developing globally consistent tools.

“We aim to place a globally consistent set of tools at the hands of every change manager and project lead, across every organization to empower you to effectively drive change”

Don’t hesitate to email the AGS team if you have any questions, feedback, or improvement ideas. 

Ogbe Airiodion
AGS Founder
Senior Change Management Leader

Watch a video review of this tool: Video Review of AGS All-in-One Change Management Tool

OCM Impact Assessment Tool - AGS

Need Just One Module Instead of the All-in-One Tool? What’s a Better Value to You?

The All-in-One Change Management Tool includes ALL of the 8 individual change management modules below, plus as a free bonus, an Excel-powered Change Management Plan Template. We recommend going with the All-in-One Tool because it offers a much better value.

Even if you only use 2-3 of the eight tools, it’s still a better deal than getting the individual tools separately. The All-in-One Tool is offered at a 60%-70% discount compared to buying all 8 tools individually.

In addition, updates and upgrades to the All-in-One Tool will be available to customers at no extra cost for 12-months from date of purchase. This is because the All-in-One includes a free 12-month value-add Upgrade & Product Updates service. The individual products do not. The individual products are sold “as is.”

But if you only need one change module to complete a specific project, and don’t need an All-in-One Tool (with all the change management modules), you can click below for the specific change management tool of your choice:

Game Changer for the Change Management Sector: 360 Degree Change Tools

AGS’ All-in-One Change Management Tool is a game changer for the organizational change management sector. It is providing change managers across all industries with a consistent set of standards, change tools, and best practices.

This OCM ERP tool is a single, simplified portfolio to manage all aspects of your organizational change management activities including:

  1. Stakeholder analysis (Identify impacted business leaders & managers)
  2. Target audience analysis (Identify impacted end-users and target audience groups)
  3. Change impact assessment (Identify how end-users and target audience groups will be impacted: processes, tools, people, culture, and policies)
  4. Stakeholder management (Step-by-step practices for engaging and managing stakeholder groups)
  5. Organizational readiness assessment (Determine how ready impacted organizations are for cutover/Go-Live)
  6. Communications planning and management (Deliver, organize, and manage effective communications)
  7. Managers’ coaching (Coach managers to empower them to become better change agents)
  8. Training implementation & management (Step-by-step training design, development and delivery channels)
  9. Resistance management (Proactive and reactive mitigation of resistance to change)
  10. …and many more!

The All-in-One Change Management Tool provides you with a comprehensive view of your change implementation to increase change adoption and enablement when driving the people side of change. 

Watch the Video Tutorial of this 360-Degree All-in-One Change Mgt Tool

OCM System - Change Management Tool-min

The Change Management Tool for a Changing World

Scalable for any Project, Program, and Business Implementation

All-in-One Change Management Tool

The AGS All-in-One Change Tool is a modern, scalable solution for project-centric and digitally evolving businesses. It offers complete and centralized organizational change management capabilities to improve change adoption, proficiency, and contemporary project execution to power delivery and increase business change.

This enterprise-class Tool offers a comprehensive solution that dramatically improves the way you work, enabling effective organizational and project management successes, while ensuring smarter decisions based on a single source-of-change truth.

Embedded Excel-based capabilities provide a secure, collaborative, team-based environment for project delivery, system changes, process re-engineering, and business change successes.

Watch a video review of this tool: Video Review of AGS All-in-One Change Management Tool

When Our Change Customers Succeed, We Succeed.

At AGS, we’re here for you. We are continuously innovating our change management tools, and providing industry-standard enhanced change management templates.

Here are just a few ways we ensure your success:

  • Fast deployment
  • Dedicated support
  • Online resources
  • Easy-to-follow tutorials
  • Vibrant change management educational content

Most importantly, our industry-leading customer satisfaction rating indicates it’s working!

Two Options: All-in-One Change Management Platform Tool

We decided to build this end-to-end all-in-one organizational change management planning, implementation, and management tool using Excel to increase its flexibility and usability. This is because most change practitioners and project managers are already familiar with using Excel or similar types of spreadsheets.

“We created two options to meet everyone’s budgeting needs.”

Option 1: All-in-One Change Mgt Tool

  • Modules: Includes the various change management modules (change impact assessment module, stakeholder analysis module, training implementation module, organizational readiness module, coaching module, and many more).
  • Analytics: Comes with automated analytics dashboards for instant insights and monitoring of your change management assessments, and is automated to simplify and streamline your change management activities.

 Option 2 : All-in-One Change Mgt Tool + Customization

  • Everything included in Option 1, plus you get our Customization Value-Add Service
  • Note 1: We understand each team is unique, requiring specific capabilities to meet your individual needs. With our Customization Service, you or your team can request additional capabilities. For example, you can use the Tool for many projects or clients by deleting existing data and reusing it. But, if you need to use the Tool as a centralized Tool for multiple projects or clients at the same time, just let us know and we will customize this feature for you. That’s just one example of the benefits of the Customization Service. You can probably think of a lot more… including being able to request additional enhancements, added features, additional pivot tables, more charts, additional reporting analytics, and more!
  • Note 2: With this service you get up to 6 value-add requests – use these anytime within the next 12 months

Are you ready to drive your change management to the next level?

Click below to purchase the Change Management Tool version that best meets your budgeting needs.

100% customer satisfaction is our mantra.

To help change practitioners and project managers that might be budget constrained, we are offering everyone a 20% discount.
Use this discount code when placing your order: HSE7WE6A


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(With 20% discount)

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With the right technology and the right partner, you can embrace ever-growing changes and transition with confidence. No matter what the world brings your way.

Video Review – AGS All-in-One Change Management Tool

Click below to watch the first video tutorial of our All-in-One Change Management Tool

See Videos for all the Modules Included in this Tool

100% customer satisfaction is our mantra.

To help change practitioners and project managers that might be budget constrained, we are offering everyone a 20% discount.
Use this discount code when placing your order: HSE7WE6A


(with 20% discount)


(With 20% discount)

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Quick FAQs

Question: Can I use this Tool for different projects, organizations or clients?


  • Yes, you can make copies of any AGS Change Management Tool to use for different projects or for different organizations.
  • We have a single-user policy for each purchase, but we have no restrictions for you – as a single user – to make copies of our Tools to use for different projects or more than one organization. If you want other members of your team to use any of the copies, kindly ensure that they obtain their own license (Additional User License)

Question: What are the requirements for a single use license? If I have a colleague on the same project can we use the Tool separately and work on the project separately or do we need to buy 2 licenses? Also can the project be shared across multiple users

Answer: Yes, the project can be shared across multiple users, but if anyone else will be using and managing the Tool extensively they will need to purchase their own license, which is an additional one-time fee of $50 (Additional User License)

Question: Can I export the data to share with clients, other individuals or key stakeholders?

Answer: Yes. On any page of any of the modules within the Tool, just click on “File”, then “Export” and “Create PDF/XPS Document,” which you can then email to your client. Or you can click on “Print” and print to PDF.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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