What You Need to Know about the Prosci Certification. Is it Really Worth the $4,400 Investment?

The Prosci change management certification is one of the most well-known in the industry, but it’s also one of the most expensive.

There are university-based change management certificates from top schools like Cornell and Michigan State that include weeks of courses and instructor-led online training. But they still cost less than Prosci training and certification, which takes just 3 days.

At over $4,400, it costs more than $1,400 per day for a Prosci change management training. Could this certificate be THAT good?

Well, if you’re in the change management field now or planning to be in the future, Prosci ADKAR certification is going to be the one you see most often when employers request any type of change certification.

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Prosci Change Management Certification Program

We reviewed over 30 change management job listings across LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster.com, and of the ones that asked for a certificate, all mentioned Prosci change management practitioner certification.

However, it’s not the only certification out there; the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) is also mentioned by employers hiring change managers. And it costs less than $1,000 to get.

What makes Prosci certification online or onsite so special that it cost so much?

In this AGS insight article, you’ll learn:

  • What’s involved with becoming a Prosci certified change practitioner
  • The Prosci certificate cost
  • Benefits of the Prosci change management certification program
  • The learning objectives for the Prosci certification exam
  • What those who’ve received the certification say about it in Prosci certification reviews

If you’ve been on the fence about whether to invest in Prosci training and certification, the information below should help you with valuable information to make an informed decision.

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What is the Prosci Change Management Certification?

What is the Prosci change management practitioner certification? It’s a certification that’s specifically related to the Prosci ADKAR® Model of change management.

The ADKAR model is a people-driven change management methodology, and it’s one of the most popular models used by organizations around the world.

ADKAR describes stages that employees must be guided through for successful change results:

  • Awareness of the need for change
  • Desire to support the change
  • Knowledge of how to change
  • Ability to demonstrate skills and behaviors for the change
  • Reinforcement to sustain the change

Prosci ADKAR certification teaches you all the fundamentals of the ADKAR methodology and how to apply it to change management strategy and plans.

It’s popular because it’s comprehensive, takes a bottom-up approach to successful change management, and also includes a 3-stage process that gives you a full roadmap to change management.

Prosci Certification Online & Classroom

If there are no unusual circumstances (like a pandemic), you can typically choose between Prosci certification online or Prosci change management training and certification in a classroom setting.

Prosci training is described as an “immersive three-day experience,” and it includes practical hands-on learning. On Day 3 of the change management training, you’ll take the Prosci certification exam.

Prosci Certification Exam Learning Objectives

Here’s an example of the types of things you’ll be learning in training to become a Prosci certified change practitioner:

  • How change management improves the results of organizational change
  • How to apply the ADKAR methodology and toolset to any change situation
  • Fundamentals of change management
  • Ability to articulate the value of change management
  • The Prosci 3-Phase process and how to apply it to change projects
  • How to do things like a readiness assessment, impact assessment, and build a change champions network

You can find the full program agenda for the Prosci change management practitioner certification on the Prosci certification webpage.

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How Much Does Prosci Change Management Certification Cost?

Whether you take the Prosci certification online or choose a classroom training, the Prosci certification cost is the same.

Prosci change management certification cost is $4,400.

What do you get for all that money?

  • You’ll receive a Prosci change management practitioner certification.
  • The Prosci training is designed for you to leave with a change management plan and executive presentation on your business case for change management.
  • All course materials are included with the Prosci training fee as well as a 12-month subscription to the Prosci Practitioner eTookit for change managers.
  • You can renew the eTookit for $300/year ($100 less than those without Prosci Certification).
  • You can earn credits for the Prosci change management training from Project Management Institute, Colorado State University, ACMP, and others.

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Is Prosci Change Management Certification Cost Worth It?

How Do I Get Prosci Certified?

You can access the Prosci change management certification program in two ways.

You can sign up for Prosci ADKAR certification on the Prosci website, taking your Prosci training from the company that created the ADKAR model.

Or, you can become a Prosci certified change practitioner by signing up for Prosci training with an approved Prosci affiliate.

Why would you use an affiliate for Prosci change management certification instead of Prosci themselves?

Affiliates will typically provide training and the Prosci certification in international markets where Prosci doesn’t have a physical presence.

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How Valuable is a Prosci Certification?

Now that you know what’s included in the Prosci change management training, the types of things you’ll learn, and the Prosci certification cost, let’s talk about whether it’s worth the $4000+ you’ll be paying.

In a review we’ve done of change management job postings, approximately 30% of them asked for the candidate to have some type of certification in change management. All of the organizations that asked for a change certification mentioned the Prosci change management certification specifically.

Takeaways from that data:

  • Certification Won’t Keep You from Getting a Job: About 70% of change management related job postings we reviewed don’t ask for change management certification. A 4-year degree and about 5+ years of experience were standard and were requested more than Prosci certification.
  • If You Get Certified, Prosci is #1: The Prosci ADKAR certification was the #1 most requested certification, followed by CCMP. In fact, any other certification was only described as “or equivalent” to those two.

Prosci Change Management Certification vs CCMP Certification

Let’s take a look at the two change management certifications that are named the most in job postings. If you were to look only at the price, then it would seem like a no-brainer to go for the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) certification over Prosci ADKAR certification. However, you need to look deeper to compare the true value.

  • Price | CCMP vs Prosci Certification Cost
    • Prosci certification cost: $4,400
    • CCMP certification cost: Members $595/ Non-members $745
  • Certificate Validity | CCMP vs Prosci change management certification program
    • Prosci certification exam & certification: Lifetime
    • CCMP exam & certification: 3-years, you must earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) each 3-year period to maintain certification
  • Prerequisites | CCMP vs Prosci ADKAR certification
    • Prosci change management training: No prerequisites
    • CCMP change management training: Both education and experience requirements, plus need to have had 21-hours instructor-led training
  • Models Covered | CCMP vs Prosci Certification
    • Prosci training: Only the ADKAR model
    • CCMP training: No specific model, they cover best practices from many models

So, while the CCMP is a lot less expensive, you’ll have to pay for and take more continuing education classes in order to maintain it. That could end up making it more expensive over time than the Prosci change management practitioner certification.

If you don’t have the needed hours of training, education, or change management experience, then CCMP may not be an option, and the Prosci certification exam and training may be your only eligible choice among the two.

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Prosci Certification Reviews

What do those who have taken the Prosci change management certification say? Do they think all that money was worth it?

We’ve taken a look at several Prosci certification reviews across the web to bring you the details.

A Prosci certification review on Quora noted that if your organization works with ADKAR methodology, then the Prosci training and toolkit were worth the cost. But if you need to use another change methodology, then it would not be nearly as valuable.

On the Prosci Facebook page, out of 12 Prosci certification reviews, the firm got a 5 out of 5 rating. A few reviewer statements about going through the Prosci certified change practitioner training were:

  • “Amazing material and an amazing trainer.”
  • “Getting certified was a game changer.”
  • “Their change model is practical, immediately applicable, and works on a small scale or large scale.”

We did see a few commenters saying the price for Prosci change management training was too high and didn’t seem worth it. However, those people had not actually taken the course.

Overall, those who had taken the Prosci change management certification and reviewed it, gave positive reviews on the material, instructors, and value of the Prosci certification.

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Conclusion: Is Prosci Certification Worth the Overall Investment?

While the price is pretty high for a 3-day training to earn the Prosci ADKAR certification, it appears that for many it is worth that price.

The ADKAR model is one of the most widely used, and for companies that seek out certification, the Prosci change management training is the one that’s mentioned most often.

If you need to use other models besides ADKAR, then Prosci certification online may not be worth it to you, and you may want to seek out another type of certification that either covers best practices drawn from several models or that includes more than a single model.

If you’re current employed and are working as a change manager or project manager, then one thing you could try to help with the Prosci change management certification cost is to ask your company to pay for you to attend.

Some of the advantages of Prosci training and certification are:

  • There are no prerequisites
  • Short time commitment (just 3-days)
  • You don’t have to earn continuing education credits to keep the certification
  • It comes with a helpful toolkit
  • It’s well known and respected

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide how important ADKAR methodology is to your work or future job prospects to decide whether Prosci certification is worth that significant investment.

If ADKAR is a change model you’ll be working with often, then based upon Prosci reviewers, becoming a Prosci certified change practitioner may be well worth the money.

Authors: Ogbe Airiodion (Senior Change Management Lead) and Francesca Crolley (AGS Lead Writer)
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