Library of Free Change Management
& Project Templates

Welcome to AGS’ library of free change management and project management templates.

As pioneers of best change management practices and frameworks, we believe in supporting the change management community, including developing and offering best change practices and processes like the free checklists, plans and templates below.

Free Change Management Templates


If you’re looking for ways to reduce the time it takes to create a change management plan and want to incorporate best practices, these free templates and tools will help! 

Get all these free templates and tools below:

  1. Free Change Management Roadmaps
  2. Free Change Management Checklist
  3. Free Change Management Strategy Playbook
  4. Free Resistance Management Checklist
  5. Free Project Plan Template

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Free Change Management Roadmaps

Get our best-in-class change management roadmaps.

A change management roadmap is a graphical overview of the change management deliverables and activities that need to be implemented to support a business change.

A change management roadmap is one of the top deliverables that change managers need to create. Leadership and stakeholders are always interested in seeing and reviewing your change management roadmap and impacted timelines.

These free roadmaps include:

  • PPT End-to-End Change Roadmap
  • Excel End-to-End Change Roadmap
  • Excel 12-16 Weeks Change Roadmap

Begin from a pre-filled, color-coded template and edit the roadmaps for your specific project needs.

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Free Change Management Checklist

Get the complete AGS checklist of key change management tasks.

A business change can range from implementing new processes or technology integration to changing the entire culture of an organization.

Irrespective of the type of change, you need to be familiar with the list of change management tasks that you might need to complete to ensure you are implementing an effective change management program.

Not every project or change will require you to perform all the tasks listed on the AGS industry standard change management checklist. Projects that impact a larger group of users are often the ones that need most or all of the referenced tasks outlined below.

Free Change Management Templates and Tools

Depending on the scale and scope of the change your group or organization is implementing, you can determine which of these change management tasks to complete. This free checklist will ensure that no important steps are left out of your change planning and implementation.

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Free Change Management Strategy Playbook

Get the free simplified, standardized, and enhanced AGS change strategic playbook.

A change strategy playbook outlines how you will design, develop, implement and track your change management deliverables. You can shave hours off the time it takes to present your change management plan using this comprehensive PPT presentation template while referencing the included PDF sample. 

Often referred to as “a change management plan,” a change management strategic playbook provides an overview of the various strategies that will be used for your communications, stakeholder engagement, end-user engagement, coaching, UAT readiness, Go-Live, leadership engagement, training, and other change management activities.

A change strategic playbook is one of the most important change deliverables, and it generally needs to be delivered during the early stages of a change program – after conducting your change assessments (change impacts, readiness assessments, stakeholder analysis, etc.).

Airiodion Global Services’ sample Change Management Strategic Playbook includes an end-to-end overview of the various change management deliverables that can be implemented for mid-to-large scale transformational projects, programs, and change initiatives. It also outlines the key change management framework on which most change programs are based.

Change Management Strategic Playbook Template

You get over 75 editable PPT slides to choose from to create a thorough, detailed, and impressive change management strategy presentation. 

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Free Resistance Management Checklist

Get a free AGS checklist for managing resistance.

It is normal human behavior not to like change, even when people know that the change is good for them. As such, when rolling out projects and change management, it is essential that you apply effective change management deliverables to manage proactive and reactive resistance to change.

Change Resistance Management Checklist

This Excel-based checklist starts you off with several common resistance management tasks, you can edit these and add more tasks if you like. For each task, you can also note the owner and the completion status.

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Free Project Plan Template

Get a free AGS Project Plan Template for Project & Program Managers

The free project management planning template below has been designed and developed for Project and Program Management practitioners. 

Project tracking Excel templates don’t often have Gantt chart capabilities because Gantt is not a built-in Excel feature, and so we added a custom built-in Gantt chart so project managers can see project timelines for the various project deliverables, activities, and tasks that they need to track.

Chart your task status, due dates, owners, and add any desired notes and additional information.

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Enjoy all these great tools for free and supercharge your change management project!

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