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A Top Toolkit for Your Economic Impact Analysis Needs.

A Self-Calculating Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) Tool With Template & Reporting Dashboard

The AGS Economic Assessment Toolkit (with template & dashboard) can be used to conduct an assessment when a project, program, or policy is going to have a monetary impact on a specific geographical area, industry, or group.

Rather than trying to wrangle several spreadsheets to bring together data on project spending, project investments, and positive economic output, this EIA tool gives you one place to input and view all your data.

Auto-calculations for several assessment values save you time. You also get real-time analytics that flow into your dashboard as you enter data, making it easy to see how different inputs can change overall project value.

EIA Template for All Your Project Calculations

Populate your project data into a customizable template that’s designed to make your work easy. You can save considerable time when doing an economic impact analysis by using this Toolkit because it does multiple calculations for you, including providing net values for:

  • Economic Output
  • Regional Value-added
  • Jobs
  • Household Earnings

It also calculates…

  • Total Impact Value
  • The ratio of Economic Impact to Total Investment

Tool for Economic Impact Assessment

AGS Cloud Tool for Economic Impact Assessments

Our template is one of the most extensive you’ll find for capturing all the economic impact analysis details you might need.

Use the template to lay out and assess economic impact all in one place. You can input data in the cloud from any device or upload data to populate your template from a spreadsheet.

This Economic Impact Assessment Template is set up to capture the following types of data:

  • Project Name & Description
  • Area Type Impacted
  • Population
  • Project Funding Sources
  • Project Spending (Hired Personnel)
  • Project Spending (Contractors)
  • Project Spending (Equipment/Supplies)
  • Project Spending (Other)
  • Direct, Indirect, and Induced Investment Totals
  • Value Add Descriptions and Assumptions
  • Baseline for Household Earnings
  • Economic Output (Positive & Negative)
  • Regional Value Added (Positive & Negative)
  • Household Earnings (Positive & Negative)
  • Jobs (Positive & Negative)
  • And more!

Economic Impact Analysis Template

Analysis Template for Economic Impact

Economic Impact Assessment App

Template Database in AGS Economic Impact Assessment Toolkit

Intelligent Dashboard for Economic Impact Analysis

See your reporting in real-time as you input data into the AGS Cloud Economic Impact Assessment Toolkit database. You have a full range of analytics to enable fast reporting of your economic analysis.

The Toolkit also gives you the ability to export your analytics reports into an easy-to-share PDF.

Time-Saving Reporting Dashboard!

Economic Impact Reporting Dashboard

Reports for Economic Impact Assessment

PDF Reports for Economic Impact Analysis

Reporting Dashboard & PDF Export for Your Economic Impact Analysis

Comprehensive Dashboard 

The Economic Impact Assessment Toolkit has a comprehensive dashboard that makes work easy for users. Use it to access your Template for inputting data, your Analytics for reporting, and a template and analytics with sample data that you can leverage. You’ll also find a handy Step-by-Step Guide and video and PDF tutorial. 

Economic Impact Assessment Tool Home Page

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We’ve created the Economic Impact Assessment Toolkit in the Cloud, which allows you to access the tool using any device. In addition, everything is saved in one place and available to come back to whenever required on any device you see fit. No more having to switch between tools! Or worrying about siloed spreadsheets or Excel limitations.

If you happen to want an Excel version that you can download and use offline, we offer this as well.

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Cloud Version

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Single User

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Best for teams within an organization, and also for consultancies

Best for individuals who prefer the Excel version, and want to download the toolkit.

  • Monthly billing
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  • Robust change functions
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  • Enhanced automation
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  • Team user role (Use/Edit/Manage)
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  • Robust change functions
  • Streamlined change templates
  • Real-time analytics reporting
  • Enhanced automation
  • Fast load speed
  • Integrated change management data



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Ongoing enhancements & free upgrades.

(Because the application is in the Cloud and we own the technology, we’re free to continuously innovate, enhance, and upgrade the platform)

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