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Silicon Valley, California – News for organizational change management practitioners, project managers, HR practitioners, and other change resources.

AGS is in the process of creating the first-ever online forum that will enable change practitioners to ask questions and get answers from other change practitioners at any point in time – 24/7 – Free!

As pioneers of best change management practices, we believe in providing resources, guides, platforms, and tools to support the advancement of all change managers, irrespective of experience: from new change practitioners to very experienced change management leads.

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Meet other change practitioners!
Connect with your peers, share expertise, and learn from one another.
Boost your change management performance and deliverables.

WIIFM? We envision this as a global community of support, innovation, mentorship, and comradery for anyone associated with change management.

Below are commentaries from our founder about this first-ever, revolutionary Global Change Management Community of Excellence (CoE) forum for open discussion and dialogue.

AGS Founder’s Note

Today, a lot of change managers, myself included, sometimes have to use trial and error when conducting change management. Even when we are certified change managers, a certification is just the science. We also need the art (experience – lots of it!).

I have been a Senior Change Management Lead for over 15 years and have delivered change management to support complex business transformations across Intel, Cisco, Apple, Deloitte, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, State Street, HSBC, and many more.

Unfortunately, there is not an existing change management forum or defined community where change managers can bounce ideas off each other – anonymously. For example, a change practitioner can ask the anonymous question below:

“Hi, change community, what are best practices when your firm is terminating an entire department or moving employees to a different department over a 3 months period? How can we construct a great WIIFM (what’s in it for the employees being terminated or transitioned) to reduce resistance?”

And, another change manager can respond with a:

“I had a similar situation a while back. When communicating with the impacted employees, I communicated that although senior management had made the decision, and we couldn’t change that decision, we would like to work with the employees being terminated (and transitioned) to help them experience a very smooth transition. By showing empathy, support, and an openness to letting their voice be heard, I was able to get buy-in and acceptance, which led to reduced resistance. Hope this helps”

Creating such a global change management forum that will include any organizational change practitioner at any level of experience and knowledge will be a process, and I look forward to hearing from you, the change community, on how we can best develop this “Global Change Management Community of Excellence” forum to ensure it is effective and works well for all of us.

For now:

(1) Click this link: All-in-One Change Management Tool – Everything You Need to read about our All-in-One Change Toolkit which is the platform that the change management forum will be built around.


(2) Do you want to be notified when the forum goes live? Click here: Contact AGS and enter “Yes, Notify Me” on BOTH the Subject line and also the Message box

Ogbe Airiodion
Senior Change Management Lead & Consultant

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