Top Change Management Articles for Change Managers and Project Leads 

This article provides you with a top list of best articles about change management in 2020, and includes an overview of everything that Project Managers and Change Managers (and anyone involved in a business change) needs to know to help boost their change management expertise and knowledge.

Organizational Change Management Articles, Content & Publications

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First, What is an Organizational Change Article?

Organizational change management articles are content, publications, and reviews that provide information on best change management practices, methodologies, and processes. The best articles about change provide a step-by-step overview of everything you need to know about leading a change program or driving a business change.

Best Change Management Articles – Everything You Need to Know

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 Change Management Articles on the 1st Phase of Change Management:

Change Articles on the 2nd Phase of Organizational Change Management

Scholarly Articles on Change Management Phase 3

These managing change in the workplace articles are structured to be step-by-step guides for current and potential change management practitioners, project managers, program leads, and key stakeholders.

The goal of these leadership and change articles is to help you in managing change in the workplace.

When implementing a structure organizational change program, change practitioners generally apply a 3-stage process, and the list of leading change articles presented on this publication are aligned to these three stages of change management.

In additional to these change management tutorials, guides, and certification content, we also have articles on change management tools, templates, and software.

Overview of Top Change Management Tools & Templates

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Leading Change Articles for Managing Change in the Workplace

Finding articles on organizational change management can be a daunting task, specifically because there is an overwhelming number of change management articles, research publications on managing change in the workplace, scholarly articles on change management, and change leadership articles.

The number of articles that can be found online is so massive that a lot of people end up being overwhelmed when they start the process of finding articles about change management.

To simplify the level of effort that you have to put into finding change management articles, we have developed this publication that highlights top organizational change management articles that have been posted here on Airiodion Global Services. These articles cover everything you’ll need to know about change management and change leadership.

Businesses are Always Changing

Businesses, organizations, and the world in general is always changing. This constant state of flux will continue to drive the need for effective change management knowledge and best practices.

We hope that the list of leading change articles included on this page will help you in your growth as you build and expand your change management expertise.

Author: Ogbe Airiodion (Senior Change Management Leader and Founder of AGS).
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