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For Assessing, Tracking, and Managing Change Impacts

A Top 2019 Impact Analysis Tool for Assessing Project and Change Impacts

Conducting a change impact analysis allows you and your team to identify the internal/external groups, divisions, departments, teams, segments, employees, clientele, firm leaders, and people that will be impacted by a change.

A change impact assessment, sometimes referred to as a gap analysis or an As-Is vs. To-Be comparison also allows you to identify the specific business, technology and organizational processes and legacy systems that will be impacted so you can develop more effective change strategies.

So, what is the best impact assessment software tool for change managers, program leads, project managers and other change practitioners? 

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Developing This Year’s Top Impact Assessment Template and Tool

As a Senior Change Management Program Manager, I have spent the last decade increasing change adoption and project implementation successes across different industries, sectors, and organizations including across Intel Corp, HSBC, Deloitte, Cisco, Berkshire Hathaway, State Street, Accenture, and Goldman Sachs.

I often get questions from change and project managers including how best to measure the impact of a project, program or initiative.

Sample questions have included “is there a simple-to-use impact assessment template or tool that can be used on any project?” “What are the best impact analysis software or project impact measurement tools to use this year?” And this is a very common one: “do you have templates for presenting change impact assessment reports to senior leaders?”

Based on the ever increasing demand for a best change impact template and tool, I decided to work with the developers here at AGS to develop a user-friendly, advanced, and simple-to-use impact analysis software tool.

We decided to build this tool using Excel to increase its flexibility as most people are already familiar with Excel.

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OCM Impact Assessment Tool - AGS

Using AGS’s Change Impact Assessment Template and Analysis Tool

Airiodion Global Services’ Change Impact Analysis Tool provides you with a structured database, easy to follow processes, project impact assessment templates, samples, and an advanced analytics matrix for your change impact assessment.

This tool comes with a real-time dashboard and impact assessment report for monitoring and reporting your project impact analysis progress.

Get faster insights for intuitive stakeholder and end-user planning.
Eliminate the guess work on who is impacted, as well as the severity of the impacts.
Easily share segmentation impacts using graphical visuals & assessment reports.

Real-Time Impact Assessment Reporting Dashboard

Your Change Impact Analysis Tool Dashboard is continuously up-to-date with the progress you or your team are making as you complete the steps and tasks needed for your project impact analysis and assessment exercise.

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Holistic 360° Impact Measurement Dashboard View

Your Change Impact Analysis Tool Dashboard also provides you with a holistic 360-degree view of your change impacts. Get the latest insights on the number of processes that are impacted by the change, as well as the number of impacted users (employees, clients, customers, 3rd party partners, suppliers, vendors, and other affiliates).

Change Impact Assessment Dashboard - AGS Tool

Easily include screenshots of these insights and tables on your impact assessment report when you provide a status update to senior leaders, steering committee members, and other project leads.

Impacted Users - AGS tool

Using the the change impact assessment template and database provided, you can easily track the severity of impacts across the organization, including the number of groups and departments that are impacted by the severity of impact.

With this impact analysis report, you can quickly determine how much impact the program will have across the organization.

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OCM - Impacts

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Impact Assessment Database and Matrix

Get an end-to-end change and project impact assessment template matrix that allows you to effectively capture the change impact data points.

This impact assessment template and matrix provides you with a structured set of data fields that you can apply to any type of program, from small projects that will impact only a few employees to large scale transformations that will impact thousands of employees, managers, and external users.

Impact Assessment Database and Matrix

Change Impact Assessment Framework

Impact Assessment Heat Map Scale - Example

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