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A Top Tool to Establish & Manage Change Champion Networks in 2020

A change champion network toolkit allows you to establish, track, and manage change champions and agents.

Change champion networks are vital to the overall success of any business change, and the sections below present a structured easy-to-use change champion tool, templates, and playbook for managing all aspects of your change champion networks.

Template Database of Change Champions – Illustration

Change Champion Tool Template

Sample Change Champions Toolkit Template Illustration 

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Change Champions Database Template

Our Change Network Management Toolkit provides you with a structured change champions template that enables you to effortlessly capture and document information on all change champions.

The template also includes fields for capturing information about a champion’s managers. Managers’ information is important as you’ll need to engage with these managers to provide regular status updates on their direct report’s involvement in the change champion network.

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Do you know all the data points that need to be gathered and assessed? If not, no worries, our Change Champion Tool’s template includes a simplified and optimized structure with pre-defined columns and data fields. Spend less time trying to figure what you need to gather.

This allows you to better focus your time in engaging and managing the change champion network.

Change Champion and Agent

Step-By-Step Tutorial 

Our Change Champion Network Toolkit is up-to-date with best practices and proven frameworks that will guide you step-by-step through the process of standing up and managing all aspects of your change champion network, including tips for increasing the success of your efforts. 

Change Champion Network Tool & Change Agent Toolkit

Standing up a change champion or change agent network involves developing and implementing different tasks in parallel.

The Tutorial Guide Dashboard on our Change Champion Network Tool includes a simplified kick-off section with quick access to the planning, launching, and management tasks modules. 

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Analytics Dashboard

The AGS Change Networks Management Tool comes with an analytics dashboard that provides visual insights into your change network. Insights includes a holistic view of with holistic views of the various levels of change management experience.

Change champions with mid or low levels of change management experience will need to be supported and coached to help them fulfill their roles as change champions.

Change champions are generally individuals that volunteer to support a change and help facilitate adoption and acceptance within their groups. Driving change is not part of their normal jobs. This is something they are doing in addition to their normal day-to-day job. Most of them might not be familiar with change management, and so will need coaching and support.

Change Agents, Change Champions and Advocates

Step-By-Step Itinerary

Your Change Champion Network Tool includes a detailed step-by-step checklist of activities that should be taken before and after you kick off your change champion network.

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Change Agent Network Toolkit

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Video Review of AGS Change Champion Tool

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Video & PDF Tutorials

Two Options for You to Choose from – Get Yours Today

We decided to build this Change Champion Tool using Excel to increase its flexibility and usability. This is because most people are already familiar with Excel. 

“We created two options to match everyone’s budgeting needs.”

  • Option 1: The 1st option is the Change Champions Network Mgt Toolkit, which includes the template database for capturing information on change champions and change agents. It includes a step-by-step guide that allows you to successfully launch and manage a top-performing change network, as well as defined templates, talking points, and best-practices itinerary with tasks that you should complete to increase the success of the network.
  • Option 2: The 2nd option is the Change Champions Network Mgt Toolkit PLUS 90. With this option you get Option 1 plus a 90-Day Priority Support & Customization Service. This option is similar to an insurance policy in the event that you need customization done to your tool in the future to meet particular needs. It gives you up to three separate customization requests within 90 days of purchase, as well as priority and prompt support entitlement. A customization can include requesting additional enhancements, added features, additional pivot tables, more charts, additional reporting analytics, etc.

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Change Agents Toolkit Talking Points

When meeting with change champions and agents for the first time, or when socializing the concept of the change network with managers and senior leaders, it helps when you have a list of talking points that will help you drive the conversation.

Your Change Champion Network Tool provides you with key talking points to support your outreach activities, and increase your success in identifying and signing up potential change champions.

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Change Network Creation - Kick off Meeting with Change Agents

AGS Discussion & Presentation Talking Points

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