For Creating, Launching, Tracking, & Managing Change Champions for a Company’s Transformational Initiatives

As mentioned on our Change Champion Network article, change champion networks are a very powerful part of any organizational change transformation strategy. By creating and launching a structured network of change champions, you are able to move ownership of the change to the impacted business units, which decreases the overall level of resistance and increases the long-term sustenance of the change.

Change Network Management Tool

Airiodion Global Services’ Change Network Management Tool provides a complete step-by-step process guide to successfully launch a top-performing change network, as well as defined templates, talking points, and a state of the art implementation itinerary for managing all aspects of your change network.

Change Champion and Agent

Tutorial Guide Based on Best Change Management Practices

Your AGS Change Champion Network Management Tool is up-to-date with best practices and proven frameworks that guide you through the process of standing up your change champion network, including tips for increasing the success of your efforts, as well as a defined champion structure. 

Change Champion Network Management Tool

Simplified Go-To & Next Steps Options

Standing up a change champion or change agent network involves developing and implementing different tasks in parallel. The Tutorial Guide on your AGS Change Champion Network Management Tool includes a simplified kick-off section with quick access to the planning, launching, and management tasks modules.  

AGS Change Champion Network Management Tool modules

Step-By-Step Itinerary of Tasks

Your AGS Change Champion Network Management Tool includes a detailed step-by-step checklist of activities that should be taken before and after you kick off your change champion network. It includes a streamlined agenda and itinerary for conducting your planning, as well as for meetings with change champions, managers and leaders.

AGS Change Champion Network Management Tool - step by step

360-Degree View of Your Progress

Your change champion implementation plan matrix comes equipped with a timeline chart that updates in real-time. This allows you to easily track your progress or the progress of your team. Quickly see when tasks are coming due, are past due, or about to reach their start date.

Collaborate as a team in one place, plan visually on a timeline, and never miss a deadline.

step-by-step plan AGS

Talking Points

When meeting with change champions for the first time, or when socializing the concept of the change network with managers and senior leaders, it helps when you have a list of talking points that will help you drive the conversation.

Your AGS Change Champion Network Management Tool provides you with key talking points to support your outreach activities, and increase your success in identifying and signing up potential change champions.

Change Network Creation - Kick off Meeting with Change Agents

AGS Discussion & Presentation Talking Points

Change Champion Database

The AGS Change Champion and Agents Tool comes equipped with a simple, easy-to-use database template for capturing change champions’ information, including their reporting structure, their change competency level, and other key pieces of information.

Change Agents List - OCM

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