Library of Best AGS Change Management Tools

Welcome to the AGS library of best change management toolkits (including templates and reporting dashboards) for change practitioners, project managers, HR, and other professionals.  

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All-in-One Change ToolkitAGS’ All-in-One Change Management Toolkit is a game-changer, especially because it provides change managers and project leads with a consistent set of standardized change tools, templates, reporting dashboards, and best practices.

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Change Impacts and Assessments ToolkitsThe AGS change impact assessment tools (with multiple toolkits) is a robust set of toolkits that you can use to conduct any type of change (organizational change, social impact change, economic impact change, culture, marketing, promotions, strategy, and more).

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Organizational Readiness ToolkitUse this toolkit to conduct and manage all aspects of your organizational readiness assessment and preparation. It provides you with a best-in-class assessment template that allows you to gather the right levels of change readiness criteria factors.

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Impacted Users and Employees Training ToolkitThe AGS training management toolkit allows you to track and manage your training programs. It is scalable, meaning you can use it for any type of program, from small projects that will impact only a few groups to large transformations that will impact thousands of users.

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Change Management Metrics & KPI Tracking DashboardHow do you know when a change project is on track or having problems? When high-level stakeholders ask you, “How is the change project going?”, what analytics can you show them to illustrate success? 

These are questions that our Change Management KPI Metrics Dashboard can answer for you!

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Stakeholder Assessment & Management ToolkitUsing your stakeholder management tool from AGS, you can easily segment your stakeholder audience based on their receptiveness of (or resistance to) the change. Conduct effective stakeholder assessment and engagement. 

Easily see which stakeholders are resisting the project, and which ones are strong advocates. Apply geographical location views to effectively identify and engage stakeholders based on localization attributes.

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Coaching ToolkitAGS’ top coaching toolkit includes an employee coaching template for group coaching, as well as a one-on-one coaching plan template.

It is flexible and scalable, and it simplifies the time and steps that need to be spent in coaching managers and employees.

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Communication Management ToolkitOur communication management planning tool provides you with an easy-to-use, simplified, and scalable communication matrix template that you can use to gather the various communication data points including the who, what, when, where, and how. 

To increase the success of your communication planning efforts…

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Resistance Management ToolkitThis change management resistance management tool comes with structured step-by-step proactive and reactive resistance mitigation plans that guide you through every step of the way to effectively identify resistance, engage with resisting individuals, and remediate the different levels of resistance.

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Project Assessment ToolkitUse the Project Assessment Toolkit for assessing projects and programs. It provides you with a best-in-class assessment “Template Database” of tasks that allows you to gather the right levels of criteria factors. 

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Target Audience ToolkitA target audience analysis is one of the most important assessments you need to complete to understand any type of targeted audience group. The output from your target audience assessment will enable you to quickly identify the who, what, when, and how of a particular audience, and these details will then be used to plan your audience engagement and outreach strategic plans. 

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