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List of Change Management Products

(1) Change Impact Template & Tool:

For all your change impact assessments, tracking, and management needs.

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(2) Change Readiness Template & Tool:

Use to identify, document, and track how ready each impacted group is for a business, process or technology change.

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(3) Change Champion Network Template & Tool:

Use to establish and manage your networks of change champions and agents.

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(4) Stakeholder Management Template & Tool:

Use for your stakeholder mapping, assessments, tracking, and management.

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Email us if you would like to request a customized or new change management product that is not listed below. 

What’s the Difference Between Each Product’s Template, Tool & Tool+?

Each of our products will have three versions: a Template, a Tool, and a Tool+. This is to ensure that we can match everyone’s budgeting needs.

  • Template: This version does not include the analytics, automation or capabilities that the tool has. But it is the cheapest option.
  • Tool: This version includes the template, as well as an analytics dashboard and sample data. It is automated, with more capabilities
  • Tool PLUS 90: With this option, you get the Tool and also a 90-Day Support, Features & Enhancement Service
    • 90 days from the date of purchase you can get support if you run into issues when using the tool. In addition, you can request up to three enhancements or features to be added to your tool (For example, additional pivot tables, charts, reports, columns, etc.

Email us if you would like to request a customized or new change management tool/template/product that is not listed below. 

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