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What’s the Difference Between Each Product’s Template, Tool & Tool+?

Each of our products will have three versions: a Template, a Tool, and a Tool+. This is to ensure that we can match everyone’s budgeting needs.

  • Template: This version includes the assessment and data entry template, but it does not include the analytics, automation or capabilities that the Tool has. However, it is the cheapest option.
  • Tool: The Tool version includes the template, as well as an analytics dashboard and sample data for references. It comes with automated capabilities, and is streamlined.
  • Tool PLUS 90: With this option you get a 90-Day Priority Support & Customization Service. Think about this option as being similar to an insurance policy in the event that you need customization done to your tool in the future to meet particular needs. It gives you up to three separate customization requests within 90 days of purchase, as well as priority and prompt support entitlement. A customization can include requesting additional enhancements, added features, additional pivot tables, more charts, additional reporting analytics, and more.

Email us if you would like to request a customized or new change management tool/template/product that is not listed below. 

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