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As pioneers of best change management and project management practices we believe in providing tools, both free and purchasable to support the advancement of the change management and project management communities. 

Airiodion Global Services is a best-in-class change management and program management online platform designed for change management professionals, program leads, project managers, HR, project resources, and other change resources; as well as for private and public corporate leaders.

Our Success

When we launched AGS we made a strategic decision to align our entire business process around the individual change practitioner. This is similar to the Prosci change management strategy of focusing change management on the individual impacted user. 

By focusing on YOU, the individual change resource (change management leads, change managers, project managers, program leads, change management specialists, HR, etc.) we have been able to increase our success and level of engagement with the change management community by over 2,100% in less than a year.

“We aim to place a globally consistent set of tools at the hands of every change manager and project lead, across every organization to empower you to effectively drive change”

Read our founder’s note in the section below as it provides more information on AGS. 

AGS Founder’s Note (Ogbe Airiodion)

Airiodion Global Services Corp was launched and founded by Ogbe Airiodion.

First, I am always happy to connect with, and engage with change management practitioners and project leads in the field. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or message me.

I successfully designed and launched to be a best-in-class change management and project management online platform to educate Change Management Practitioners, Program Leads, Project Managers, Stakeholders, and Business Leadership on best organizational change practices, tools, and methodologies.

It is normal human behavior not to like change.

As humans, we have a pre-defined behavioral notion to be very satisfied with the status quo, even when we know there might be better ways of doing things. This is why organizational change in the workplace is often met with passive or active resistance, because people generally don’t want to change what they are used to.

The very act of changing our day-to-day functionality to adopt new business processes, new/enhanced technology solutions and new company policies often requires a structured change management approach to get employees and managers to embrace and adopt new ways of doing things. 

As a Senior Change Management Program Manager, I have managed, led and supported large, complex transformational programs across different industries and companies, including at Cisco, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, AdvisoryHQ News, HSBC, Global Bank, Deloitte Touche, Accenture, Sallie Mae, Capital One, State Street, Principal, and Transamerica.

All of these experiences are reflected on the articles, guides and methodologies that we publish on

A Columbia University graduate, and a former U.S. Marine (United States Marine Corp), I bring over 22 years of professional services experience to help organizations transform their business processes, integrate new technology solutions (ERPs, CRMs, and many more), expand to new markets, integrate acquired companies from merger and acquisition initiatives, implement program/project initiatives, and to help change their organizational culture. is currently run by a top performing team of Editors, Writers, Content Managers, Developers and Operations staff.

Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions or provide feedback. Click here to message the AGS Contact Team, and your message will be routed to the appropriate contact.